Mindy: Minimalist Development Environment

Mindy is a minimalist "development environment". In fact, all it does for you is to act as a wrapper around make. It picks out a compilation error, and automatically points you to the error in the code, highlighting the line or characters that the compiler complained about. It uses the existing editor window if you have the file open already, or else opens it for you.

This simple functionality can save you a lot of time and annoyance if you're compiling in a shell.

compilers I primarily use this script with gcc/g++ and the ocaml compilers. It is probably simple to add the regexps to recognize other compiler output.
editors I use Mindy with Nedit. I also hacked in support for gvim for a friend, but I never use this and so it is ... "not supported". If you can add rules for other editors, please send them my way.
usage Download the script and read the instructions in the comments at the top.
download mindy.pl (Updated Oct 1, 2008)
contact Brighten Godfrey